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What is "SMARTalk"??


8 yen/30 secs!

Save on international calls!

SMARTalk allows you to make inexpensive international calls. Call compatible regions for 8yen/30secs. If you are outside of Japan and able to get online, you can make phone calls at the same rate as domestic calls.


If you are on a wi-fi connection during your overseas trip, you can make calls to your friends and family at the domestic calling rate.


Initial Fee, Monthly Fee, Voicemail Service Fee

Includes a free 050 number !

SMARTalk does not charge  initial , monthly , voicemail service and call transfer service fees. You can use a free050 number.


No hidden charges. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a 'universal fee'  or set monthly fee.


You only need the SMARTalk application

Calls can be made to any device!

SMARTalk has 050 number so you can call to mobile phone and fixed phone.There is no application need in a call partners.


You can call to a Japanese mobile phone and fixed phone from a foreign countryusing a wi-fi connection.


For SMART users

Official "SMARTalk" App

SMARTalk has already been preset to make the best performance for our service. You will be able to use our service immediately after you enter SIP account name and password on App.


"Push Notification" is available so you do not need to consistently activate the app.


100 yen worth of Free Calls!

Try the service for free. Receive 100 yen worth of Free Calls when you sign up.


Try service for free and experience the quality. You will receive 100 yen worth of free calls.

Available on the App Store Android App on Google play